The Reading Room CLE

About Us

The Reading Room CLE is a nonprofit bookstore that collects donated books and re-sells them; we use the profits to offer literary and literacy programs. Our goal is to fight inequality and injustice in our schools,  our students' lives, and our city's future.

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The Reading Room CLE is committed to advancing equity in Greater Cleveland by improving our community's access to opportunity and information, transforming our society to combat the long-term effects of segregation.

Where is our store?

We want Cleveland to be one city, not one city cut up by red lines or broken in half by a burning river.

We are one bookstore for that one city, so instead of running a neighborhood-focused storefront, we show up at events, pop-ups, and programs all over Greater Cleveland. We've hosted book launches, spoken word performances, meetups and creative activities, collaborating with our community partners. If you produce shows, write books, or host parties, and want to do a project together, let us know! 

We also create digital projects, like our YouTube channel, this website, and our other social media presences: Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.


If there's no store, how do I shop?

Thanks for asking! Book sales are one of our main sources of income and we'd love to be your go-to. We sell used books on all of the major online marketplaces; check out our Biblio storefront to browse. For merch or Sunshine Mail, take a look on the General Store.  For new books, we get a percentage of all sales that are placed through our Bookshop page!


Get Involved

Come to an event! We'd love to get to know you. For the duration of Ohio's social distancing, our events are online; RSVP via Eventbrite and you'll get the Jitsi call-in information. You can also signal boost our social media, or write a guest entry for our recurring blog feature, Reader Advisory.

We are also very grateful for donations of books and financial support! E-mail us to arrange a book dropoff or pickup; visit our donations page for online giving.