Brownhoist Bookshelf


4403 St Clair Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44103
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Brownhoist Bookshelf?

The Brownhoist Bookshelf is a self-serve book kiosk located in the Brownhoist building.

How does the Bookshelf work?

The Brownhoist Bookshelf is a self-serve book kiosk that operates under a version of “caffè sospeso”. This means a few things: 1) your purchase of a book makes a book available for free to someone else, 2) you can choose to purchase a book (Book It Forward) for someone else in the future, and 3) you may select a book for free if there are prepaid books in stock.

How do I “buy” a prepaid book?

First, you'll need to check if there are prepaid books available. You can check our prepaid book stock here. Then, you simply “add to cart” and complete the check out process. You will not be asked for payment information. There is no charge to you for a prepaid book! Once you've checked out, you are free to select any book from the shelf to take home.

What does Book It Forward mean?

Book It Forward means you are paying for a book that someone else can have for free in the future. Purchasing “Book It Forward” will add stock to our Prepaid Books.

What is The Brownhoist?

The Brownhoist is a creative community of makers and doers dedicated to keeping money benefiting the residents and neighbors we serve in the St. Clair community of Cleveland, OH. You can learn more about the community, memhership, and events here.

I am a business owner. Can I host a Bookshelf in my retail space?

We work with many types of businesses in the Cleveland area. We'd love to connect with interested business owners. Please contact us directly about hosting a Bookshelf in your space.