Book It Forward


This purchase adds one pre-paid book to our collection Bookshelf at the Brownhoist.

This purchase adds one prepaid book to the Brownhoist Bookshelf.

Feeling extra generous? You can purchase multiple books to prepay for others.

Confused? Read our Bookshelf FAQ.


Books are selected from the physical bookshelf at the Brownhoist. The Reading Room CLE does not ship self-serve kiosk books.

How does the Bookshelf work?

The Brownhoist Bookshelf is a self-serve book kiosk that operates under a version of “caffè sospeso”. This means a few things: 1) your purchase of a book makes a book available for free to someone else, 2) you can choose to purchase a book (Book It Forward) for someone else in the future, and 3) you may select a book for free if there are prepaid books in stock.

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